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There are plenty of choices to make about structure and design when it comes to building a custom home. When you share your ideas with us, we can help guide you in making the decisions that are best for your budget and what you want to achieve. Good communication is the key to any relationship. We pride ourselves on our open and responsive communication with our clients from start to finish. Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations and to make the home building process as smooth and stress free as possible.

We want to talk about your style and design preferences. Custom home design is a collaborative process and we can walk you through it all, including:

  • Examining your property

  • Connecting with your architect

  • Making sure the project fits your budget

  • Guiding you through each decision


We'll help you through the entire construction process. We'll be on-site as client advocates to evaluate progress, meet with subcontractors, suppliers and other building professionals. To maximize efficiency, we schedule subcontractors and process change orders to deliver desired results when changes are required. We'll track costs, provide documentation to our client, and provide necessary documentation to your lender.

Post-construction, we will introduce you to your new home and help you understand how to use the appliances and technology within it. One month after move in, we meet with our homeowners to check in and answer any questions. We will continue to communicate with our clients long after completion to ensure owner satisfaction.

Building your home should be an organized and efficient process. HCHMT takes the time to understand your needs and requirements, guiding you through the process and working with your designer, architect, lender and other building professionals. HCHMT will put together a plan of action to make your dream a reality.

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